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Enemy Self and SkySplitterink collaborated to create this unique banger about fighting your inner enemies, and working hard to stay above water while the demons are pulling at your feet.


Basket case, bad taste on the tongue
Plus aches in the back, no air in the lungs
Stare at the sun till my eyes burn out
While the demons dare me to bury a gun
And the angels fly through the air
Spinning me around on a ferriswheel
So I hold my breath and I bite my nails
And I tell myself life is a fairytale
Better make that mortgage
Report back on the source of the report
Sweep that floor and clean that kitchen
Carry that sword, and dig those ditches
Get lost in a daydream
Fade away, back to the past get trapped in a painting
Of a landscape full of tall cascading waterfalls and sun radiating,
No hazardous waste
No glass half empty and no sad faces
Trying to find the gaps in the matrix
Like grass growing through the cracks in the pavement
Take the mask off become awakened
Taken away to these magical places,
Where the water is clean and the people are pretty
And the rats all stay in their cages

Yeah, I'm way out in the deep end, n' never gonna let myself descend
To the darkness where there's no oxygen, I'm gonna breath in

Control freak, its hard to sleep,
when you can't control the dreams
and you can't stay calm when the nights get long
and you hear the wind blow leaves off the trees
Its like you lost the key to the safe where you kept your pride
You treated it like diamond
So mesmerizing, it left you blind
and now you faced with the mess that you left behind
So press rewind and bring the cassette tape back
To the time when you could taste that sunshine
and you would never say that you could die
it was just a wide open book
Full of blank pages, no chapters
Lets rewrite the whole narrative
and become our own masters
With a dopamine rush to the vein
And an opening up of the brain
Gonna focus my third eye on the people of this earth
and send love n' picture harmony, mass awakening
Through the galaxy, into infinity
No more nightmares
So take in life, when you breath in the air

Yeah, I'm way out in the deep end, n' never gonna let myself descend
To the darkness where there's no oxygen, I'm gonna breath in


released May 25, 2015
Lyrics: Michael Morelli (Enemy Self)
Production, Mixing, Mastering: Zach Crawford (SkySplitterInk)



all rights reserved


Enemy Self Burlington, Vermont

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